Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2021


Acquisition of EnvisionTEC

On February 16, 2021, the Company acquired EnvisionTEC US, LLC and its subsidiaries (“EnvisionTEC”) pursuant to a Purchase Agreement and Plan of Merger dated January 15, 2021. The Company expects this acquisition to create a comprehensive portfolio in additive manufacturing across metals, polymers and composites and grow distribution channels both in quantity and through the addition of a vertically-focused channel. The Company paid consideration of $143.8 million in cash and issued 5,036,142 shares of the Company’s Common Stock with a fair value of $159.8 million as of the close of business on the transaction date.

The total purchase price was allocated to the identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on the Company’s preliminary estimates of their fair values on the acquisition date. The fair values assigned to EnvisionTEC’s tangible and intangible assets and liabilities assumed, and the related deferred tax assets and liabilities, are considered preliminary and are based on the information available at the date of the acquisition. The Company is in the process of finalizing its purchase price allocation, and the tax basis of the assets and liabilities acquired. This may result in potential adjustments to the carrying value of the respective recorded assets and liabilities, establishment of certain intangible assets, revisions of useful lives of intangible assets, establishment of potential acquisition contingencies, and the determination of any residual amount that will be allocated to goodwill. Adjustments that impact the deferred tax liability recorded in the business combination, could result in an increase or decrease in the Company’s recorded valuation allowance, that will be recognized in the accompanying statement of operations.

The following table summarizes the preliminary allocation of the purchase price to the estimated fair values of assets acquired and liabilities assumed (in thousands):

At February 16, 2021

Assets acquired:

Cash and cash equivalents



Restricted cash


Accounts receivable




Prepaid expenses and other current assets


Restricted cash - noncurrent


Property and equipment


Intangible assets


Other noncurrent assets


Total assets acquired



Liabilities assumed:

Accounts payable



Customer deposits


Current portion of lease liability


Accrued expenses and other current liabilities


Liability for income taxes


Deferred revenue


Current portion of long-term debt


Long-term debt


Deferred tax liability


Lease liability, net of current portion


Total liabilities assumed



Net assets acquired






The estimated useful lives of the identifiable intangible assets acquired is as follows:

Gross Value

Estimated Life

Acquired technology



7 – 12 years

Trade name


13 years

Customer relationships


10 years

Total intangible assets



The Company believes the amount of goodwill resulting from the purchase price allocation is attributable to the workforce of the acquired business (which is not eligible for separate recognition as an identifiable intangible asset) and the expected synergistic benefits of expanding the combined companies’ target markets both geographically and across industries. $36.6 million of the goodwill recognized is deductible for income tax purposes. The Company incurred $3.9 million of transaction costs related to this acquisition, which are included in general and administrative expenses on the unaudited condensed consolidated statements of operations.

EnvisionTEC’s results are included in the Company’s consolidated results for the period from February 16, 2021 to March 31, 2021. For this period, EnvisionTEC’s net revenues were approximately $5.4 million and net loss was approximately $1.8 million.

The following pro forma financial information is based on the historical financial statements of the Company and presents the Company’s results as if the acquisition had occurred on January 1, 2020 (in thousands):

Three Months Ended March 31, 




Net revenues





Net income





The pro forma financial information was computed by combining the historical financial information of the Company and EnvisionTEC along with the effects of the acquisition method of accounting for business combinations as though the companies were combined on January 1, 2020. The pro forma information does not reflect the potential benefits of cost and funding synergies, opportunities to earn additional revenues, or other factors, and therefore does not represent what the actual net revenues and net income (loss) would have been had the companies been combined as of this date.

Business Combination

On December 9, 2020, the Company and Trine consummated the Business Combination, with Legacy Desktop Metal surviving the merger as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trine. Upon the consummation of the Business Combination, each share of Legacy Desktop Metal capital stock issued and outstanding was converted into the right to receive 1.22122 shares (the “Exchange Ratio”) of the Company’s common stock (the “Per Share Merger Consideration”).

Upon the closing of the Business Combination, Trine’s certificate of incorporation was amended and restated to, among other things, increase the total number of authorized shares of all classes of capital stock to 550,000,000 shares, of which 500,000,000 shares were designated common stock; $0.0001 par value per share, and of which 50,000,000 shares were designated preferred stock, $0.0001 par value per share.

In connection with the execution of the definitive agreement for the Business Combination, Trine entered into separate subscription agreements (each, a “Subscription Agreement”) with a number of investors (each, a “Subscriber”), pursuant to which the Subscribers agreed to purchase, and Trine agreed to sell to the Subscribers, an aggregate of 27,497,500 shares of the Company’s Common Stock, for a purchase price of $10.00 per share and an aggregate purchase price of $275 million, in a private placement pursuant to the subscription agreements (the “PIPE financing”). The PIPE financing closed simultaneously with the consummation of the Business Combination.

The Business Combination is accounted for as a reverse recapitalization in accordance with GAAP. Under this method of accounting, Trine was treated as the “acquired” company for financial reporting purposes. See Note 1 “Organization and Nature of Business” for further details. Accordingly, for accounting purposes, the Business Combination was treated as the equivalent of

Desktop Metal issuing stock for the net assets of Trine, accompanied by a recapitalization. The net assets of Trine are stated at historical cost, with no goodwill or other intangible assets recorded.

Prior to the Business Combination, Legacy Desktop Metal and Trine filed separate standalone federal, state and local income tax returns. As a result of the Business Combination, structured as a reverse recapitalization for tax purposes, Desktop Metal, Inc. (f/k/a Trine Acquisition Corp.), became the parent of the consolidated filing group, with Desktop Metal Operating, Inc. (f/k/a Desktop Metal, Inc.) as a subsidiary.

The following table reconciles the elements of the Business Combination to the consolidated statement of cash flows and the consolidated statement of changes in equity for the year ended December 31, 2020:


Cash – Trine's trust and cash (net of redemptions)



Cash – PIPE financing



Less: transaction costs and advisory fees paid



Net proceeds from reverse recapitalization



Plus: non-cash net liabilities assumed1



Less: accrued transaction costs and advisory fees



Net contributions from reverse recapitalization



(1)Includes $149.7 million of non-cash warrant liability assumed.

The number of shares of common stock issued immediately following the consummation of the Business Combination:

Number of Shares

Common stock, outstanding prior to Business Combination


Less: redemption of Trine shares



Common stock of Trine



Trine Founder Shares



Trine Director Shares



Shares issued in PIPE financing


Business Combination and PIPE financing shares


Legacy Desktop Metal shares (1)



Total shares of common stock immediately after Business Combination



(1) The number of Legacy Desktop Metal shares was determined from the shares of Legacy Desktop Metal shares outstanding immediately prior to the closing of the Business Combination converted at the Exchange Ratio of 1.22122. All fractional shares were rounded down.

In connection with the Business Combination, 7,403,750 Trine Founder Shares were issued. Pursuant to the Business Combination agreement, 75% of the Founder shares, or 5,552,812 shares, vested at the close of the Business Combination, with the remaining 25%, or 1,850,938 shares, vesting if the Company trades at $12.50 per share or higher for any 20 trading days within a 30-day window by the fifth anniversary of the Business Combination. The vesting criteria was met on January 8, 2021.