Desktop Health Launches Einstein, One of the Most Accurate Dental 3D Printers to Date, and Flexcera Smile Ultra+ Resin, FDA 510(k) Cleared Class 2 Medical Device for Permanent, Printable Dental Restorations

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Desktop Health, a healthcare business within Desktop Metal, Inc. (NYSE: DM) committed to developing 3D printing solutions for personalized medicine, today announced the commercial launch of the Einstein series, a high-precision family of 3D printers designed for dental professionals, and FlexceraSmile Ultra+, one of the strongest dental resins ever to receive FDA clearance for permanent use. With this powerful combination of 3D printer and materials, dental professionals have the tools they need to deliver accurate, 3D printable smiles customized to the individual patient for both permanent and temporary dental restorations on a wide range of applications.

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The Einstein series, built to deliver on accuracy, speed and versatility, is available in multiple 3D printing solutions to address specific customer needs ranging from clinicians to dental labs. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Einstein series, built to deliver on accuracy, speed and versatility, is available in multiple 3D printing solutions to address specific customer needs ranging from clinicians to dental labs. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The Einstein 3D printer, coupled with our next-generation Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin, is a major breakthrough for the dental community,” said Michael Jafar, President & CEO of Desktop Health. “Combining advanced resin science with 3D printing technology delivers superior strength, aesthetics, and durability. A dentist can now print veneers, bridges, crowns, dentures, inlays, onlays and more in minutes. Beautiful, functional, same-day dental prosthetics with ceramic-like strength are now possible – with the added bonus of cutting patient waiting times from weeks to mere hours.”

Einstein Series

Leveraging Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, the Einstein printer is designed with proprietary NanoFit 385 technology to ensure each application results in an accurate fit and natural-looking finish with stunning clarity. Equipped with Hyperprint technology to harness the power of heat and a closed-loop software upgrade, the Einstein printer now delivers exceptional accuracy with speeds up to 50 percent faster than its predecessor.

The Einstein series is available in multiple 3D printing solutions to address specific customer needs ranging from clinicians to labs. The Einstein printer coupled with proprietary resin science and technology are built to deliver on the key features essential to superior 3D printing: accuracy, speed and versatility.

The Einstein series includes:

  • The Einstein, designed for general dentists, enabling chairside printing;
  • The Einstein Pro, designed for small dental labs and specialists; and
  • The Einstein Pro XL designed for high production dental labs offering the largest build envelope within the series.

Flexcera Smile Ultra+

First introduced in 2020 as Flexcera Smile for temporary dental applications, the next-generation Flexcera Smile Ultra+ is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class 2 medical device for permanent, printable dental restorations. It has been formulated with the strength of ceramic coupled with long chain chemistry to ensure ideal properties. When used in tandem with the Einstein 3D printers, dental providers can now print same-day smiles, including crowns, bridges, veneers, full and partial dentures.

Harnessing the power of NanoFit 385 technology, Flexcera Smile Ultra+ dental prosthetics have been shown to have an average 43 percent better marginal fit when compared to a competitor.

For the first time in dental prosthetics, Flexcera resins offer:

  • High fracture resistance, three times more resistant to fracture than select competitive resins;
  • Moisture resistance to prevent staining or discoloration, two times more resistant than a leading competitive formulation; and
  • An overall natural aesthetic that offers lifelike tooth translucency and a natural-looking smile, providing a perfect blend of comfort, strength and flexibility.

“As a dental professional, I see first-hand how the personalization of 3D printing for healthcare is impacting my patients,” said Dr. August de Oliveira, DDS, an innovator in same-day digital dentistry with a private practice in Encino, CA. “Patients care about the procedures offered by their dentists, and many are now considering switching to a dentist who uses more advanced technology. For me, the combination of the Einstein 3D printer and Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin will help this industry finally deliver applications with stunning clarity, a perfect, customized fit and an impressively natural-looking finish for models, dentures and everything in between.”

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About Desktop Health

Desktop Health, a healthcare business within Desktop Metal and based in Newport Beach, California, is leveraging additive manufacturing and advanced materials to personalize patient care. Desktop Health is vertically integrated to develop, manufacture and commercialize applications across a range of healthcare specialties, including dental, medical and biofabrication. For more information on Desktop Health, visit

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